Springtime is coming.

No backyard? No worries. Even the pokiest balconies have potential to become sunlit sanctuaries away from the hustle and bustle of your home. Whether it’s as simple as a few plants or scatter cushions, or putting away the clothing rack so there’s space to relax, it doesn’t take much to get your balcony up to scratch.

1. A discreet washing solution.

The struggle is real for city-dwellers who don’t have room to swing a cat, much less hang their sheets out to dry. So it’s no surprise balconies can easily become over-run with free-standing washing lines. To free up room to actually enjoy your balcony space, consider wall-mounted clotheslines that fold flat against the wall, and time your washing so that it dries during the day, ready to be put away when you get home.

2. Plants, plants, plants.

Nature makes people happy, so the more plants the merrier when it comes to creating blissful balcony spaces. To create privacy or block out an unattractive view, consider a natural screen of tall potted plants, like bamboo, yucca or dracaena. And always think vertical. A vertical garden against one wall, hanging planters suspended from the ceiling, planters that hook onto the balcony rail, or plants that climb are all great ways to get your green fix without having trip hazards around your feet.

Balcony decor

3. Style with purpose.

As with any small space, thinking carefully about how you want to use your balcony will help you make the most of your precious square metres. Entertaining? Try a few stackable padded stools or one long bench seat that will take up far less space than a dining set, while still allowing you to accommodate guests. Day beds, hanging pod chairs or a comfortable outdoor armchair are great options if you’re creating a space for you to relax alone. Plan on doing a little of both? Make sure your choices can be moved out and stored easily as needed. For example, try futons, floor cushions and throws if you want your balcony to be a ‘sometimes’ place to read.

4. Lots of light.

Balconies are begging for you to experiment with light! Try a cluster of Moroccan lanterns aglow with citronella candles to keep the mozzies at bay, or fairy lights strung from the ceiling or wrapped around the railing. Tinkering with lighting not only allows you to adjust the mood, but allows you to enjoy this space long after the sun sets. To enhance the sense of space and make the balcony feel bigger, try hanging a mirror that will bounce light and extend the view.

cuprinolmatplats1-622wideImage: Via Pinterest

5. Outdoor art.

Balconies have walls too, so why not hang something on them? A statement mirror is always a winner, or you could hang a mosaic of decorative ceramic tiles, a striking metal wall sculpture, an acrylic artwork that’s suitable for outside (try a circular piece for added ‘wow’), a weather-friendly digitally printed canvas, tapestry or macramé wall hanging. Just be sure to check the specifications for colour-fastness in strong light.

6. Soft spots.

Especially if your balcony is a place to relax, cushions are a must. Alfresco furniture is quite often a blank canvas, which means you need to bring a jolt of personality through accessories. And for the especially space-poor, cushions piled on the floor is all the furniture you need! The best cushions will have removable covers and be UV and water resistant so that they don’t fade or become damaged. Having a spot to store them when you’re not outside is a good idea if you want to prolong their life even more.

7. Fab floors.

Last but certainly not least, an all-weather rug should never be overlooked. Cover up bland tiles or rough timber planks with a rug made of water-and-fade resistant polypropylene to bring colour and pattern into the space. You can also find outdoor rugs that mimic the appearance of natural fibres if you’re going for a neutral, layered look.

Balcony decorImage: Via Pinterest

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