Nordic takes a new direction.

Influencers and taste-makers called it early in the year: Scandi would no longer be in the limelight in 2017. So far we’ve seen the spotlight shift in subtle ways; photorealistic artwork gently shouldering minimalistic abstracts to the side, a deepening in the tint of timber, and chalky pastels – while still relevant – have certainly slipped away and re-emerged in a muddier, earthier form.

But trend forecasters were also quick to qualify that there’s still – and perhaps always will be – a place for the Scandinavian style we’ve grown to love so well. Phew!!! What we’re seeing now is the evolution of Scandi, less trend-driven and more timeless. And for that, we can thank the influence of Japanese interior style. Together, it’s been touted as “Japandi”… and if updating your décor is only halfway as fun as saying the word “Japandi” then this decorating project guarantees a good time.

Here’s five tips if you fancy refreshing your Scandinavian décor without having to say goodbye to it.

JapandiImage: Via Pinterest

1. Maintain minimalism.
Japanese and Scandinavian interior styles jell easily because both are built on minimalism. So the good news is, your crisp, clean-lined furniture and pared-back decorating habits are still right at home. As always, layer a mix of interesting textures to achieve interest and warmth in the absence of excessive decoration.

2. Introduce contrast.
While you’re at it, update that light, ethereal, distinctly Nordic palette by adding some dark details to create contrast. A couple of dark brown or black dining chairs, or a dark ladder shelf in the background will add a touch of drama that’s a hallmark of Japandi style. For a more affordable nod to the trend, replace white picture frames with black ones that will “pop” off the wall.

3. Tone down your colour palette.
For contemporary practitioners of the Scandi trend, pastels were their best friend. Light hearted and whimsical, pastels added just the right amount of playful character to what would otherwise be an all-white and neutral colour scheme. But if you’re keen to try Japandi style, consider updating pastel artworks, decorative accents and rugs with more sophisticated, earthy colours like steely blues, mossy greens, terracotta and clay. A dark feature wall also never goes astray.

4. Reconnect with nature.
Both Japanese and Scandi interiors pay homage to the natural world. Be sure to nurse houseplants back to health and pay attention to flower or foliage displays. Experiment with stark, sinewy arrangements like a cluster of bare autumn branches, grasses, seed pods or reeds, rather than posies of conventional flowers. Consider a new artwork featuring moody, photorealistic imagery.

5. Introduce something handmade.
Japanese culture holds artisanal craftsmanship close to its heart, and it’s clearly showing through in the Japandi trend. What’s great about investing in high quality, handmade products is that they’re designed to last a lifetime – something that the experts are saying Japandi style will do too. So don’t be afraid to spend on custom furniture or a set of hand-thrown ceramic bowls that celebrate raw materials and imperfection.


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