Chatting trends & industry gems with TomMarkHenry.

What’s better than harnessing the expertise of an accomplished Australian designer for your next project? Harnessing the expertise of three accomplished Australian designers! Jade Nottage, Cushla McFadden and Chloe Matters make up the Sydney-based design trio that works with fresh ideas and passion to create considered and cohesive spaces.

Chloe’s skills in design and property development, and Cushla and Jade’s experience in interior architecture make them a force to be reckoned with when it comes to complete design and development services in both commercial and residential sectors. We discover more about the team’s style and design philosophy.


1. Describe the TomMarkHenry ethos.

We design sympathetically to the environment and space that we are working in to provide detailed and unique design solutions for a range of project types such as residential, commercial, hospitality and retail.

TMH provide a collaborative approach by developing a strong understanding of our clients needs and wants to best develop a harmonious space solution for their home. We like to try to understand our clients better than they understand themselves!

2. What sets your design business apart from others?

Our clients immediately get the feeling that we will be adaptable and easy to work with. We don’t have an ego that is sometimes expected of design firms. We want to drive the best for the project by listening to what they want and understanding the space and responding accordingly.

In terms of the design aspect of our business, we are adaptable in our aesthetic. We like to be creative and unique and adaptable with each individual project, but consistent with the quality.


3. What’s been the number one lesson you’ve learnt about interior architecture since venturing into your own business?

The importance of collaborating with trusted professionals in the industry. We realise that to be able to get the best out of the project, the team behind it is so important. We have now had enough experience to be able to filter the people out who aren’t adding value to the job. Hiring someone like us can be beneficial because of our experience and contacts.

4. Where do you turn to for inspiration?

Our work is influenced by being emotionally connected to our spaces by observing details, places, moments and people within that space. We draw inspiration from many sources including: friends, family, culture, art, fashion or even a walk down the street. Wherever it comes from, it takes us to where we need to go and places we didn’t even know we needed to go.


5. What project are you most proud of and why?

The Bellevue Hill project because of what we achieved in price, finish, space and budget. Prior to the renovation the apartment was not liveable and dark, thus not utilising the key features of the space. Special focus was given to opening up the space and directing the furniture to its view. This was achieved in a short time frame and on a small budget.

6. Whose work in the Australian interior and design industry are you most excited about?

We are so excited by the work of some of our peers in the industry. It is exciting to see where the industry is heading as a whole; it is a great time to be involved in design and construction with so many great projects on the scene. We really like Flack Studio, Amber Road Design, Luchetti Krelle, and SJB Interiors.


7. What trends are you loving at the moment, and which ones are you happy to see move on?

We are loving honesty in materiality; natural stone, hardwood timber flooring and any materials with integrity that are true to what they are and not trying to be something else.

We would like to see specific themes or styles go out the window. It is more about personality and utilising the materials and the spaces that are already there. We would rather combine a few different styles that best represent the environment in which it is built than pigeon-hole a space into a specific style.


Bellevue Hill

8. What’s the most common decorating/interior mistake you see people make in the home?

Don’t be too themed with your interiors and always design sympathetically for the environment.

9. What are you currently working on?

A large residential project in Vaucluse, which includes an extension to the ground floor, and first floor addition. It needs a complete structural change internally, new kitchen and new bathrooms. There are attic conversions in Bondi, a terrace house in Surry Hills and more.

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