Interiors Addict is a go-to destination for all things Australian home, decor, and styling. Blogger, Jen Bishop, has turned her hobby into an inspiring hub for those that appreciate what she calls, ‘style without the snobbery’. The ever-growing Interiors Addict community is privy to eye-opening interviews with the personalities behind the industry, the latest news on home and lifestyle products, and fun and engaging social media interaction.

As the author (and addict) behind one of Australia’s leading home and lifestyle blogs, we jumped at the opportunity to discover more about Jen’s style, her picks for the coming season, and her top decorating advice.

How would you describe your style? How is this reflected in your own home?

Colourful eclectic, layered and tidy! I surround myself with the things I love but everything has its place. I’m a neat freak but that said, there’s still a lot going on! I mix vintage and cheaper pieces with more expensive items, and there are always ALWAYS fresh flowers. I’m not snobby about interiors, but I do think it’s nice to save up for something you really love. Society’s become a bit too disposable these days. I don’t think money buys you good taste or a nice home though. Some of the most gorgeous homes I’ve been in aren’t full of expensive pieces, they’re just put together well and with style.

Interiors Addict’s ethos is ‘Style Without The Snobbery’. What’s one great piece
of decorating advice you can share with us that’s easy and fuss-free to recreate
at home?

You can do wonders with paint; on walls or on secondhand and vintage timber furniture finds. I love what British designer Abigail Ahern does with paint. Her blog and books are well worth a look at. Think mismatched dining chairs painted in the same colour or a daggy old dresser given a new lease of life in neon or gold. Have fun with it!

Interiors Addict’s popular 7 Vignettes Instagram competition

What do you believe it is that transforms a ‘house’ into a home?

Personality and comfort! It’s that simple. Your home should say something about the people who live there; their loves, relationships, travels and adventures. There’s nothing more soulless to me than a house with no stuff in it. By that very technical term, I mean photos, knick-knacks and treasures collected over the years. It should also be comfortable. A stylish home can be comfortable and full of warmth too. You don’t want it to look too much like it’s out of the pages of a magazine. Those photos are highly engineered by talented stylists behind the scenes, they’re not necessarily real life!

Tell us about the items you chose for The Home.

I love the layered rug look, especially for winter, and the gorgeous choices at Cadrys make it hard to stop at one! I love the Have You Met Miss Jones white ceramics because they go with everything. The little vase on the bedside in the shoot is my favourite and has some great texture on it. I loved the layers and layers of throws and blankets; perfect for winter. And the gold lamp is divine. I’m buying one for myself!

A snippet of Jen’s picks for The Home

How will you be infusing a cosy winter feel to your own home this season?

With spicy scented candles and a couple of gorgeous layered throws on the sofa. And a heater!

What interior trends are you spying on the horizon?

I’m still seeing a lot of geometrics and chevron, and ikat doesn’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon! Overall, I think people are becoming more individual and less cookie-cutter in their approach, which is great. You should have your own style, not try to copy a look from a catalogue.

You run Interiors Addict from home. What decorating/design considerations have you had to make to accommodate this change in work environment?

Having a workspace you love makes work much more appealing! I recently changed my spare bedroom into a home office and it has changed my life! I had it wallpapered because I didn’t want it to have a sterile ‘officey’ feel. I tried to avoid things that looked too typically office but sadly you find you do have to incorporate some practicalities like printers (always ugly!) and good lighting (which can look good too) and an adjustable chair to stop you getting terrible posture! I like to have flowers in my office and a candle burning (the benefits of working from home!) and the odd framed motivational quote never did anyone any harm! It’s nice to bring a few of the accessories you’d normally keep for your communal living area into your work space too.

Jen’s home office

Tell us about your new venture Appliance Addict? Who is this blog for and what will we find here?

It’s a new sister site for Interiors Addict, for those of my readers who also love the latest gadget and like to know what’s new in home appliances. I’m teaming up with my fiance Damian Francis on this and we’re trying to make the reviews very human and accessible. We’ll cut out a lot of the usual technical jargon and take a more lifestyle approach.

What can we expect to see in the near future from Interiors Addict?

Video content!

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