Master the Mother’s Day tradition.

It may be a simple concept, but with today’s busy lifestyles that demand breakfast-on-the-go or worse, no breakfast at all, being able to start the day slowly with a balanced and carefully prepared meal is not just a rarity, but a true luxury. This is why we think breakfast in bed is always a winner when you want to spoil someone special. So this weekend, say no to boring toast and soggy cereal and try out these simple ways to take your B&B game to the next level.

Breakfast in bed

1. Make sure the day’s schedule is clear.
The ultimate breakfast in bed should never be rushed, so there’s no point in putting on a lavish affair if the person you’re treating has somewhere important to be first thing in the morning. Make the most of a long, leisurely morning by selecting a day when they’ve got nothing on until well after lunch.

2. Remake their bed the night before.
Nothing feels better than fresh, clean bed linen. Strip off week-old sheets and pillowcases the night before and remake the bed with something a little more luxurious. French linen is our pick thanks to its amazing temperature regulating properties, which means it won’t get clammy and uncomfortable while sleeping in.

3. Pimp out their pillows.
While no-one wants to sleep on a mountain of pillows, when it comes to propping yourself up for breakfast, you’ll want to have at least a couple of lofty euros on hand. This will prevent resting against a hard bed frame, or struggling to sip coffee from an awkward position.

4. Consider their reading material.
Whether it’s the latest best seller, the Sunday paper or a selection of their favourite magazines, having something to read is a thoughtful touch that can be easily overlooked. This also opens up gift ideas if it’s their birthday, anniversary or special occasion.

5. Set the mood.
Whether it’s with candles, fresh fragrant flowers or music, paying attention to all five senses will promote a more relaxing atmosphere for your decadent breakfast in bed. Just be mindful that scented candles can interfere with how a person experiences the flavour in food, so if you’re cooking a hot gourmet breakfast, consider using unscented candles.

Breakfast in bed

6. Have fun with fruit.
If Masterchef has taught us one thing, it’s the importance of presentation. That doesn’t mean it has to be hard though. Use novelty cutters to cut fruit into fun shapes like stars and hearts. These are great for sprinkling on muesli, pancakes, waffles, toast and more, plus they photograph amazingly well.

7. Get creative with toast toppings.
Do your pancakes regularly turn black on the outside while staying runny on the inside? If you’re not much of a cook but can handle the toaster settings, there’s plenty of ways to make this seemingly ordinary breakfast meal a little more special; think gourmet topping combinations like avocado + smoked salmon or strawberries + brie.

8. Say no to instant.
Breakfast in bed is not the time to turn to teabags, freeze-dried coffee or bottled juice. Serve loose leaf from a teapot, brew fresh coffee on the stove, and consider whipping up a juice smoothie from scratch for extra brownie points.

9. Follow up with a bath.
After pampering them with all of the above, they’re probably not going to want to get up, but they’re going to have to eventually. Make the transition from morning to day a touch easier by following up breakfast with a luxurious soak in the bath.

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