And how to incorporate them into your decor.

This week it’s Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Sydney, and while the event does have the word ‘fashion’ in it, we think it’s an event that all designers should pay attention to. As the trends, styles, and colours seen on the runway during Fashion Week tend to seep into everything from interior design to industrial design, we figured there might be a few good looks that could be incorporated into your home.

Don’t wait for these trends to slowly trickle down to the mainstream – check out these Top 5 trends from Fashion Week and how you can incorporate them into your décor!

Fahsion Week Trends

Creamy soft leathers

This Fashion Week we’ve seen creamy, butter-soft leathers used everywhere from pencil skirts to belts and shirts. No more heavy leathers weighing you down, just soft, light, and malleable pieces that almost melt in your hands.

Take this look to your home by adding soft leather accents in places like cushion covers, rugs, throws, and upholstery. Decorating with soft, creamy leather will add both a natural touch and a bit of on-trend style to your interior.

Fashion Week Trends

Pops of colour

We’ve seen a lot of monochrome this year – collections that are dominated by black and white and interrupted with bright pops of colour. This trend is all about highlighting the chosen colour by surrounding it with shades of black and white.

You don’t have to decorate with black and white to bring this trend into your home. Rather, choose two neutral colours to dominate the scheme of a room, and break this up with pops of a third, brighter colour. For example you could decorate with cream and beige, adding pops of blue, red, or pink in between.

Fashion Week Trends


Where white was once used for objects kept in the background, this fashion week we’ve seen a lot of cases where white is the star of the show. Use white on the big, bold statement pieces in your home to lighten up the space and boost your mood when you step into the room.

When we say white, we mean white. Bright white that almost hurts your eyes, white from the Napi San commercial kind of white. Avoid off-whites and bring out the whiteness of your chosen pieces by surrounding them with darker shades.

Fashion Week Trends


This year, gingham has appeared on the runway in everything from skirts to dresses to pants. A timeless print that seems to weave in and out of popularity every few years, gingham is back, and bringing with it the whole ‘rustic countryside chic’ look.

Bring gingham to your home with classic additions like gingham tablecloths, cushion covers, tea towels, bed linen, and more. An incredibly versatile pattern that brings a sense of nostalgia and youthful optimism to a space, you’ll have no trouble trying to integrate gingham into your home.

Fashion Week Trends

’80s accents

Last year was a throwback to the ’90s, and this year we’ve gone even further back to the ’80s – but just ’80s accents. Designers this Fashion Week have taken to using their favourite ’80s accents to add splashes of personality, colour, and style to clothing on the runway. Everything from glittery liquid metallics, overstated silhouettes, and splashes of neon has been spotted, and we think that justifies bringing a bit of the ’80s back to your home, too.

How you choose to breathe a bit of ’80s into your home is up to you. Pastels, Memphis-inspired design, classic preppy stripes, or neon accents are just some ideas. Keep it subtle, and stick to just the accents; referencing rather than replicating the era is the way to go.

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