Petal to the metal.

Spring has officially sprung, and with the warm weather comes the selection of gorgeous fresh blooms. To make the most of springtime, we asked floral designer and all-round design and style guru, Kathleen O’Brien from Flower Dayz for her top tips for choosing and caring for your favourite spring flowers.

Read on for Kathleen’s ultimate guide to springtime florals…


1. Roses

Tips for purchasing:
– Make sure your roses are in a water source at the time of purchase
– Look for strong coloured buds
– Ensure the stems have not browned
– Roses are prone to botrytis so check to see if there are any marks on the foliage

Tips at home:
– Carefully strip the thorns and leaves that will sit below the water line with a hand towel
– Try not to remove all thorns if possible
– Recut the stems 2-3cm
– Place your roses in cold fresh water
– Your roses may also have small petals on the outside of the buds, these are called outer petals and can been removed

These tips will make your roses last 7-10 days!

2. Tulips

Tips when purchasing:
– Make sure the tulips are in bud
– Ensure the colour is strong
– Don’t buy if the foliage is yellowing

Tips for home:
– Remove any leaves below the water line
– Cut the stems
– Place in water
– Once tulips have been cut they will continue to grow. If you don’t want this, pierce the top of the stem about 2cm from the flower head with a pin
– No need for preservative, however, you can add a splash of household bleach to the water

These tips will make your tulips last 7 days!

3. Hydrangeas

Tips when purchasing:
– Some flowers in the bunch need to be open
– Look for strong colour
– Foliage should be strong and green
– Ensure there’s no brown on the flower heads

Tips for home:
– Remove any foliage below the water line
– Cut stems 2-3cm
– Lightly crush the tips of the stems (this helps them to drink)
– Place in water with preservatives
– Lightly mist with water

These tips will make your hydrangeas last up to 10 days!

4. Daffodils

Tips when purchasing:
– Buy when most the flowers are in bud and showing good colour
– Look for stems that have at least one open flower

Tips for home:
– If you are creating a floral arrangement with other flowers first separate stems into their own vase of water for 3-4 hours to get rid of the sap as it will kill your other flowers
– If you are putting Daffodils with Anemones, Carnations, Freesias, Tulips or Roses then leave them in separate water for 24 hours
– If you are arranging daffodils alone, simply recut the stems 2 – 3cm and put in a vase of fresh water
– Wash your hands if you come in contact with the sap as it can cause irritation

These tips will make your daffodils last 5 – 7 days!

5. Peonies

Tip when purchasing:
– Buy when the buds are showing colour
– Ensure foliage is not damaged
– Check to make sure stems are crispy and clean

Tips for home:
– Recut the stems 2-3cm
– Remove any foliage that sits beneath the water line
– Place in a conditioning solution for 3-4 hours
– Prepare your vase with fresh water and a splash of bleach (this prevents bacteria)
– If the peonies start to wilt you can revive them by placing the stems in boiling water for 30 seconds

These tips will make your peonies last up to 14 days!

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