The Powerhouse Museum is currently showcasing a ground-breaking exhibition titled Love Lace. It’s professed as a ‘revolution in lace’ showcasing approximately 130 lace works by 134 artists from 20 countries. The exhibition is drawn from finalists of the Powerhouse Museum’s third International Lace Award.

It’s an inspiring haven for the textural admirer with two and three-dimensional, and virtual installations, screens and sculptures; textiles, wall hangings and lighting! There are also lace fashion items as well as accessories and jewellery on show, too. It’s dense with creative patterns and shapes made with unconventional materials such as human hair, horse hair, titanium, mulberry paper, tapa cloth, copper and silver wire.

Nanduti Lace by Griselda Gonzales
This circular mat is designed with linen needlework lace (traditional Paraguayan lace). Its construction is based on the legend of nanduti ‘spider web’. Photo: Powerhouse Museum.

Fish Aid Boat by Helen Snell
The design features three boats with laser-cut card and spray painted interior. This series of paper and acrylic vessels explores the theme of survival. Photo: Sotha Bourn/Powerhouse Museum.

Lace Bangle by Georgia Jarrett
The cast bronze and gold-plate bangle utilises parametric software to create a wearable object in which the structure of void and solid is integral to the form. Photo: Marinco Kojdanovski/Powerhouse Museum.

Steeped in Memory by Linda Galbraith
Lace tea set created with cotton lace doilies, moulded with glue, digitally printed rice paper and string. The set creates a nostalgic vision of an afternoon tea filled with reminiscences. Photo: Sotha Bourn/Powerhouse Museum.

Love Lace is on display at the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney until April 2013.
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