Now that autumn is in the air, it’s time to switch gears and think about preparing your home for the cool change to come – before Jack Frost comes a-knocking.

1. Do a draught check.
Scout your home for gaps and cracks also known as ‘energy leaks’. Under doors and windows are repeat offenders in the cool months, allowing heat to escape and making your AC or log burner work harder. Try heavy drapes on windows and door runners to keep the warmth in and draughts out.

2. Wash & air your mattress and bedding.
Sunlight is considered an effective way to kill dust mites that lurk in bedding, so make the most of nature’s best sanitiser while the days are long and the sun shines strong. Don’t forget to give pillows, cushion inserts and throw rugs a dose of Vitamin D while you’re at it.

Autumn Checklist

3. Familiarise yourself with ‘hygge’.
In winter, Scandinavians experience some of the shortest days in the world. So how do they keep their spirits high when the sun sets not long after lunch? Hygge, that’s how! The Danish word describes an appreciation of cosy, intimate and special moments that promote wellbeing, no matter how ordinary they may seem. Get your home ready for hygge with candles and plush layers like cushions, hides and throws, but more importantly, schedule lots of cosy nights in surrounded by good company.

4. Stock up on fluffy new towels.
Make jumping in the shower on dark, cold mornings a cosy affair by having snuggly fresh towels and bath mats to greet you. There’s nothing like the feel of brand new towels, so it’s a great incentive for leaping out of bed on time even when it’s still dark outside. Bonus points for getting a towel warmer!

5. Dust off your bakeware.
When the temperature drops, that hot oven you avoided all summer is suddenly a great source of comfort. Drag your crock pot, muffin tin and roasting pan from the back of cupboard and warm yourself from in the inside out with long and leisurely cooking. Now’s a great time to season cast iron cookware, bookmark slow cooker recipes, save and sanitise glass jars for making preserves, and stock the pantry with staples.

6. Layer up and tone down.
Switch out summer’s electric shades for rich hues and muted tones. As always, emphasise texture! Velvet continues to lead the fabric trends, or you could look to rustic alpine style with a silky hide. For furniture try wicker and cane to introduce cosy natural textures while staying on trend.

7. Practice making the perfect pot of tea.
Be honest, how long do you let your teabag brew before gulping it down and rushing out the door? Reconnect with forgotten rituals like sharing a pot of tea – the proper way – to ramp up your hygge game. Learn how to make the perfect cup of tea here. What other ritual pleasures deserve to be resurrected? Stir porridge on the stove, have breakfast in bed, set the table with linens and candles not because it’s a special occasion, do it ‘just because’.

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