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Sodastream Exclusive Bundle

Bubbly Beverages Made Your Way

SodaStream puts the bubbles in your drink, and a smile on your face! Make sparkling drinks just the way you like them with the world's favourite at-home carbonating machine and delicious better-for-you flavours. Unlike store bought soft drinks, SodaStream is the economical, planet-friendly and healthier way to indulge in fizzy drinks. With a reusable plastic carbonating bottle, refillable gas canister and plain old tap water, you'll have sparkling soda in seconds - without those throw-away bottles and cans. Then just fill with your fave all-natural preservative-free flavour. These exclusive bundles also include a cooler, cleaning supplies, ice tray and two 500ml syrups - that's enough to make 12 litres of fizzy drink, perfect for Christmas!