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Jenny McLean Luxury Towels

600GSM in 8 Fashionable Shades

If your linen cupboard is home to a motley crew of tired and thread bare towels, now's the perfect chance to enlist the help of Jenny McLean for a luxurious bathroom makeover. These may be bathroom basics, but rest assured there's nothing basic about them. The 650GSM cotton towels ensure you're wrapped in pure luxe, boasting a highly absorbent and tactile design in a diverse palette of colours. Whether you're looking for a vibrant pop to brighten the ensuite or some sophisticated neutrals for the boutique bathroom, this collection parades its array of fashionable hues proudly. Tackle the revamp in a single click with these convenient 6 piece towel packs, or add single spoils to your current supply with a range of towelling separates.