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A rug to suit every room...Treat your floor to a shag

A Tactile Treat for Your Feet

Layer your floors with luxurious, silken softness from The Home’s extensive collection of Premium Shaggy Rugs. Your feet will delight in the sensation of sinking into decadently thick and silken textures from a range with a keen eye for the latest fashion trends in home décor. Find countless options made from New Zealand wool, microfibre and thick and thin piles in interesting patterns and contrast, and just about any colour palette to co-ordinate with your décor. Create a sumptuous, tactile experience underfoot, knowing the low-shed properties will give you a life time of enjoyment. Each rug oozes that loving, shaggy charisma to warm your interiors, welcome the barefoot touch and inspire cosy nights in, and all with an edge of contemporary style.