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A Rustic Restyle

Add Warmth with Copper, Gold & Wooden Accents

Like the gradual turning of autumn leaves, we're turning towards rustic accents in earthy tones, hammered metals and muted metallics to ramp up the cosy-factor this season. This captivating collection is brought to life with a unique mix of rustic, industrial and modern décor and furniture, as well as bohemian-inspired textiles for a down-to-earth feel. Lay the foundations with exotic viscose rugs, furniture in distressed woods, or create ambience with statement lighting and lanterns. Add a little extra warmth and character to any room with an eclectic mix of weathered frames, vases and other decorative items in copper, bronze and gold. These rustic accents are perfect for layering with a mix of matte and tactile surfaces, adding subtle flecks of glamour to cosy, textural rooms.