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Doux Linen

100% Linen, Irresistible Prices

The beauty of linen is something you have to feel, touch and see to believe. And with our amazing value-for-money collection, you can now indulge in quality linen for a fraction of the cost. This often overlooked fibre comes from the flax plant which is grown in relatively small quantities, and is up there with the most luxurious bedlinen fabrics. Apart from its unique textured appearance and beautiful drape - a look which is highly coveted in today's interiors - linen is bursting with benefits which make it an investment you'll love for a lifetime. Incredibly comfortable, linen breathes with your body, wicks away moisture and helps regulate your temperature, offering incomparable comfort all year round. Becoming softer and stronger with every wash, linen offers a blissful sleeping experience like no other.