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Alpaca Luxe

Australian Made Quilts, Toppers & Pillows

This curious camel-come-sheep character originated from the mountainous regions of South America, where it grazes at altitudes some 5000 metres above sea level. A warm woolly coat is a must for dining in such chilly climes, and the Alpaca happens to grow one of the rarest and most luxurious fleeces in the world. They've been domesticated for thousands of years, making their way across the globe; prized for their glossy, silky natural fibre that is shorn and spun in the same way as sheep's wool. While similar to wool, alpaca fleece is warmer, non-prickly and lanolin-free making it naturally hypo-allergenic and absorbent. Today, you can indulge in the alpaca experience yourself, with this range of 100% Australian-made quilts, toppers and pillows.