The color you choose for your bedroom design scheme affects not only how stylish the room is, but also how well you sleep and how invigorated you feel when you wake up in the morning. Every year new trending colors emerge that might make you feel like you have to repaint constantly. However, if you choose the best one to begin with, it will stand the test of time.

These popular selections work well as accent colors in a neutral room as well. Change the curtains, shades, bedspread, pillows, and decorations to a fresh choice without the expense and mess of painting. Many people find it fun to give the rooms in the house an updated design every year. As long as it suits your budget, choosing a new coloration scheme is a great option.

Consider these options for all the bedrooms in your home:

The New Neutrals

Many people stick with neutral palettes because they are safe. They are good options for bedroom walls since you can add any types of decorator accents and window treatments to them. The current neutral palette takes the beiges of yesteryear and combines they with the most recent grays to create greige: a warm-toned gray that matches anything.

If you lighten greige down as much as possible, you get stone white, which is another great choice for bedrooms. This white tone is soft and comfortable without being stark. White will never go out of style when it comes to painting the interior of your home, though shades of white do change from year to year.

Do not forget about black, either. The old-fashioned idea that black walls make rooms look smaller has been abandoned. Used on an accent wall or throughout the whole thing, black actually makes the walls retreat and the space look more spacious. Besides that benefit for small spaces, it makes the room darker for those who need help getting to sleep.

Purple’s Current Power

Purples are regal, relaxing, and include “Ultra Violet,” Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2018. This dramatic yet somehow soothing shade is perfect for rooms for sleeping in because it combines a slightly regal feeling with a meditative and creative feeling.

Other shades of purple have also moved to the forefront of popular lists this year. A lighter, pinker shade of lilac has replaced millennial pink as the go-to shade for decorating. It adds a more feminine feel to bedrooms without going all the way toward a girly feeling.

Kelly green

Kelly Green Color Options

While many shades of green are popular this year, the bright, cheerful Kelly Green color is one you should not miss for bedrooms. Its classic name brings to mind the green fields of Ireland and nature and the great outdoors in general. It is slightly more yellow than emerald green but still blends well with cooler blue tones.

Kelly green is highly trending right now. It shows up on painted or papered walls, light fixtures, plush seating, bedspreads and pillows, and even on painted accent furniture. Besides being reminiscent of nature, it brings a fresh and invigorating air to any room.

Other types of green are still popular this year as well. Consider softer sage green, brighter apple green, 70’s inspired olive, and jewel-toned emerald. Green inspires your morning routine with a new day’s energy.

1970’s Inspired Looks

If you lived through the 1970’s already, you may remember how everything from wall paint to refrigerators came in mustard yellow, olive green, and terra cotta orange or brown. Those shades are back for this year, but with a newer feel that marries retro with an up-to-date style that works well for your sleeping rooms.

Pantone’s Autumn Maple is a rich russet orange that is dark enough to be relaxing, but, at the same time, give you a spark of warmth and energy. Harvest Gold or richer Marigold replaces mustard. They are gentler versions of the brash paint choices of years gone by. Olive green gets a softer treatment too, which makes it a perfect near-neutral for bedrooms.

All of these colors give the feeling of a very organic and natural space. None of them are brash or too bright to allow for rest and relaxation, but they are not the regular expected neutrals either.

Rich Jewel Tones

A pure white sleeping room may seem light and airy, but when most of your time is spent there at night, darker colors lend themselves well to the decorating schemes. Deep, rich tones are popular for these spaces in your home because they feel opulent, luxurious, and a bit sensual too. After all, what feels more romantic than a rich red?

Instead of cherry-red, choose deep ruby and even burgundy. Purples like amethyst stones were already mentioned above. Emerald green is darker and richer than the popular kelly and gives a more restful vibe. Other choices include dark sapphire or navy blue, and deepest teal or turquoise.

Bedrooms Get the Blues

All different shades of blue have long been recommended for the most restful places in your home. These cool tones are relaxing and soothing so you can feel comfortable sinking down into your bed and sweet dreams.

Trending shades of blue for this year include deep navy, for those who enjoy a darker palette, ocean blue, which tends toward teal in a vibrant manner, dusk, which is a soft blue-gray toned paint option, and cobalt blue, a bright and light shade perfect for kids’ rooms or as accent walls.

Ultimately, the color you decide to paint or decorate your bedroom with is up to your personal tastes. Many people like lighter shades because they reflect light in the morning and add energy to the room as you get out of bed in the morning. Others prefer dark tones that soothe you to sleep at night. Whether you borrow a paint from yesteryear or go with the latest trendy options, you can create a beautiful look for every one of the bedrooms in your home.

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