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One Nautical Mile

Boutique Hand Poured & Eco-Friendly Candles

Steeped in a history of worldly sea voyage, One Nautical Mile crafts boutique candles inspired by the interiors of luxurious yachts. Surrender to sumptuous scents like Coconut & Buttered Rum, Coffee & Cocoa Bean and Leather & Frankincense, with each full sized, hand-poured candle promising a superior burn time of up to 50 hours. The prestige spills over into an ecologically sustainable composition, with raw ingredients like soya beans and coconut flesh hand blended with pure essential oils to form the wax. The icing on the cake? When your wax has waned and your candle is no-longer, the Italian Luigi Bormioli glasses - beautifully elegant, laser cut vessels - are ripe for use as drinking glasses or ornamental fixtures.