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Cadrys Rugs

A Contemporary Take on Tradition

Enrich your abode with culture and colour with a collection of contemporary Tibetan & Indian rugs, woven under the auspices of GoodWeave which ensures no child labour is involved in the production of any of Cadrys rugs. Featuring handspun Tibetan & Indian Wool and Luscious pure silk, these rugs are of the highest quality and are truly one-of-kind. As an authority on hand-woven and stylish carpets, the brand brings you the best in durable, one-of-a-kind pieces that create a feeling of absolute luxury underfoot. With their soft, woollen yarns, each piece has something unique to offer your living room or bedroom. Having redefined the boundaries between contemporary aesthetics and the traditional form of handwoven rugs, this collection boasts original, earthy hues and subtle textures that are sure to reinvent your surroundings. For insider tips on how to choose the perfect rug for your home, click here for our magazine feature!