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Sunday Session

Casual Glassware & Finish Powerball Tablets

Once in a while an occasion will call for your very best crystal stemware, but 90% of the time you just want a reliable, easy-care glass from which to enjoy a casual tipple. Cue this collection of affordable glassware curated with laid-back entertaining in mind. Whether a barbecue, dinner, brunch or simply settling down for a nightcap; whether wine or beer, coffee or cocktails, this range has a style to suit your needs. Each style is crafted to enhance the flavour, bouquet and appearance of your favourite drop, while boasting timeless design that will serve you for years. And to make your entertaining needs that little bit easier, stock up on Finish Powerball tablets. Don't tackle a sink full of dirty dishes, just pop them in the detergent cup and let them do all the work!