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Celeb's Choice: Compact, Stylish & Super Comfy

The latest ballet flats to catch the attention of fashion-savvy females worldwide have finally landed on Australian shores, and with dress weather on the doorstep, we couldn't be more excited! Busy ladies - including celebs like Paris Hilton, Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Love Hewitt to name just a few - look for two things in the perfect shoe; comfort and style. And on both counts, Ballasox triumphs. What makes the Brazilian ballet flats so unique is the soft inbuilt lining which feels more like walking around in a sock than a shoe. These foldable flats are the perfect day-to-night shoe, travel accessory and foot saviour after a long day at the spring races in heels; light and compact, simply toss them in your handbag! Much like your slippers, only far better looking, Ballasox are shoes you won't want to take off.