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The Big Pet Sale

Pamper Your Pet with Beds, Toys, Clothes & More

Keep your best friend happy, healthy and comfortable with this collection of pet beds, toys, preventative products and more. Whether a toy tough enough for Fido's teeth, a luxurious new bed, flea and tick control, or something other than the couch for kitty to claw, you'll find a solution to your pet peeves here. These products don't just make life easier for you (no more hair on the car seat, fewer dinner-related messes) but improve the well-being and health of dogs and cats. Tail wags and licks come free!

Flat-rate shipping fee per item from this sale. Based on product selection, your order may be shipped out in multiple parcels. Estimated Arrival: Next business day despatch. Return Policy:30 days from receipt. For more details, please see our return policy.