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Cinnamon Coasters

Dress your Table with Unique Designs

Drink coasters can be awfully boring, but they don't have to be. It's entirely possible that you own some age-old coasters, devoid of character or style. But they're perfectly functional and you've never really considered an update. In spite of that, theres no need to rest on your laurels. Rest your drinks, instead, on one of 99 six-piece sets, a veritable rollercoaster of diverse and polarising designs to appease any personality.

Designs include but are certainly not limited to: the sparkling seaside, stunning architecture, ancient relics, vintage cars and caricature cats. From hand-painted to photographs, abstract to realistic and utterly picturesque to tongue-in-cheek, the options are boundless. And from just $8.50 per pack, the coast is clear to proceed to a stylish update!