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Innovative Designs

Cinnamon Tableware, Shun Knives & Zero Tea

This winter, celebrate the joy of entertaining and preparing food with this beautiful range of innovative tea and tableware, and quality Japanese knives. Perfect for the ultimate tea lover; discover unique teapots by Zero Japan. More than just an impressive piece of beauty, Zero Japan blend traditional skills with new techniques to create innovative and crowd-pleasing products. Need a home for your tea? Rest your beverages on one of 99 six-piece coaster sets from Cinnamon Tableware, and choose from a veritable rollercoaster of diverse and polarising designs to appease any personality. Trendsetting and super stylish, discover quality knives from Shun Knives. Perfectly blending cutting-edge technology with traditional Japanese design, the same meticulous craftsmanship found in Japan's legendary Samurai swords has made Shun knives renowned for their strength, sharpness, and timeless aesthetic appeal.