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The Home's Super Spring Clean Sale

Up to 80% Off Homewares While Stocks Last!

With September just around the corner, the Home thought it was high time we had a good old fashioned clean out, and what we've uncovered is a huge array of delightful home wares that we just don't have enough room for! That's why we're bringing you an epic spring clean sale, with unbelievable discounts off brand new products! There's designer bedding, towels, clocks, kitchen ware, teacups, recipe books, cushions and much, much more- and with over 200 products at up to 80% off, your fresh spring restyle doesn't come easier or more affordable than this. But be quick to click, because this stand-out sale will run only while our limited stocks last, and with bargains like these, the shelves won't stay full for long!