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Cocorose London

Fold-Up Ballet Flats for Travel, Work & Play

In the space of a few years Cocorose London has flourished into an award winning brand known internationally for its unique concept for foldable ballet flats. Originating in London’s trendy East End, the product grew from the idea to provide women with a stylish and comfortable footwear alternative that would be compact enough to slide into a handbag, glove compartment or travel case. Since then, these innovative shoes have made their way across the globe and have seen all walks of women stepping out in style. Crafted with comfort and convenience in mind, the foldable shoes zip into their own compact purse which also stores a carry bag for emergency shoe swaps. This compact and durable design makes Cocorose London the ideal companion for the light-weight yet stylish traveller, as well as your go-to pair for everyday wear.