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The Side Table & Stool Event

Creative Ideas for Bedsides & Living Spaces

How often do you turn your attention to the finer things that make up your home's interior? Side tables and accent seating solutions might just be the missing elements that your decor palette is craving to complete your look. Not only can a side table or stool lift the ambience of a room, they blend both practicality and aesthetics together with effortless ease. Whether you are looking to add a punch of colour, an imaginative silhouette or a timeless touch of sophistication to your living space, this collection of chic stools, bedsides, ottomans and side tables will get the job done in a grand manner. Showcasing a riot of design options to choose from, including sleek, contemporary and understated elegance, to exotic, earthy and eclectic, these simple updates are an enhancement to any space.