5 New Looks for the Bowl Vase

Traditionally used to display short-bounded bouquets, the bowl vase takes on a new role to showcases beautiful blooms, and other nature-inspired items, in style.

Infuse your space with the splendour of beachside bliss. Fill two bowl vases with fine sand and place next to each other. Add your favourite seashell or vibrant piece of coral for a subtle and sophisticated coastal charm. Take advantage of this look in an interior that features a neutral palette with simple white shades and wooden accents.

Dry moss in the bowl vase makes for an understated finish. The simple and sophisticated result is achieved by filling the bowl completely with dry moss until it takes the circular shape. Place several together in a line for an elegant touch to the contemporary interior. Find dry moss at your local florist.

Grace the coffee table with an elegant bowl vase. Achieve this by inserting two or three soft white lilies, with their blooms facing out, into the vase. Once positioned in their best light, add water to cover the flowers.
Tame a wild romance in a standout version of the bowl vase. Inspired by the passion of Gone with the Wind, take a bright pink poppy and combine with buttercup flowers and set in the bowl vase at a slight angle. Add short cut grass leaves to the centre and align accordingly. Place the completed design on a vintage dresser for a fresh splash of colour.
Create a work of art with a lavish touch to two bowl vases. Fill one bowl vase with a shock pop of pink hydrangea blossoms and a small amount of water. Fill two thirds of the second vase with vibrant green leaves dotted with additional pink blossoms. Place the second vase at an angle on top of the first one for a spectacular table centre at your next dinner party.

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