Whether it’s because the style was already quite forward-thinking for its time, or because Baz Lurhman’s Gatsby catapulted the roaring twenties back into the limelight, one thing is for sure; Art Deco is a design movement that never seems to grow old.

Want to know if you’ve got a flair for the design world’s most memorable era? Read on, old sport!

1. You’re a geometry whizz.
Following on from Art Nouveau’s fluid, organic style, Art Déco was an exercise in ironing out curves and leaving the undulating lines of its predecessor behind. Far from rigid, you’ll still find plenty of broad arcs and ovals, but symmetry and repetition will keep the look from meandering out of line.

Make it modern: For maximum impact, try a Greek Key rug or an Imperial Trellis wall stencil.

2. You know that mirrors aren’t just for the bathroom.
Is there anything more glamorous than an oversized mirror? Select geometric styles in place of art for your living areas, and if you want to take it one step further, consider side tables and consoles with mirror finishes. Look for rectangular accent furniture with bevelled mirror panels to capture that glamorous Old Hollywood gleam.

Make it modern: Mirror trays and metal accent tables that have a mirror top are subtle ways to glam it up.

Art Deco Style

3. Opulence is your middle name.
Art Deco is plush and luxurious and you wouldn’t have it any other way. It does this through the combination of rich colour palettes, sumptuous textures and sleek finishes, and yet, practicality never goes astray. Indulge a little, but always keep your look liveable.

Make it modern: Opulence doesn’t have to shout for attention. It can be as subtle as a plush carpet or a well-stocked bar cart.

4. You’re a magnet for metallics.
It’s the style that celebrates exuberance and opulence, and so Art Deco wouldn’t work without a heady dose of shine. Turn to gold accents to reflect the mindset of extravagance and excess that was prevalent at the time; a brass lamp base or statement light fixture, a black and gold wall paper, linens embroidered with gold stitching or a metal side table will all do the trick.

Make it modern: Don’t overdo it; a mix of gloss and brushed finishes will help to temper the shine.

5. Colour? You can take it or leave it.
And when you do choose to take it, nothing but a vibrant jewel tone will do. For the most part though, black, white and metallic – typically gold – is the unmistakable Art Deco colour combo. Use this palette as your canvas and add rich colours like burnt orange and emerald green sparingly; a velvet bolster, occasional chair or a small accent tile in the bathroom, for example.

Make it modern: Get your colour fix by using a rich royal blue or deep navy instead of black.

Art Deco Style

6. Symmetry makes you smile.
Art Deco may seem like an unabashed celebration of the finer things in life, but it also adheres to a strict sense of order that can be seen in its abundant use of symmetry. Follow suit with mirror-image patterns and silhouettes wherever possible to maintain Art Deco’s signature sense of balance.

Make it modern: Complement a strong symmetrical rug pattern or wall feature by creating small decorative displays arranged off-centre and slightly askew.

7. And clutter makes you uncomfortable.
You know what they say, less is more. In keeping with its predilection for orderly, liveable looks, Art Deco is also a lesson in restraint. Rather than cluttering every surface with objects, choose a few statement pieces, ideally with a practical use, and let them do all the talking.

Make it modern: Discreet storage solutions like lidded ottomans and decorative cabinets will be your best friend when it comes to disguising clutter and eliminating visual distractions.

Art Deco Style

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