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Today’s industrial homes, lofts and condos are called ‘contemporary’ for a reason.

They manage to instil the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetic. The neutral colour palette, bold pieces of art and brick walls all contribute to the classiness and character of contemporary homes. Not to mention the usage of robust materials and minimalistic design, making them look even more organic and livable.


When the interior is already so gorgeous, why spoil it by going overboard with an abundance of lights? “Not overdoing anything” is a key theme when it comes to 21st-century contemporary design – we can’t stress this enough. When furniture and art are in the right place, all that’s needed is ambient and subtle industrial lighting that emphasises the true beauty of any intriguing modern-style home.


So, what lights are best and why? Where should I place them?


You’re about to find out…

Foyer & Entrance: Track Lighting


Light plays an important role in accenting interior creativity. A bold statement can be created with an extravagant fixture and something a little more subtle can be used to complement the indoor surroundings.


If there’s some wall art such as a mural in the entrance, track lighting is a guaranteed way to enhance the artwork, capturing the attention of any guest the moment they enter. Even the common grey or black walls of industrial homes will be softened with track lighting, creating a warmer and more welcoming interior environment.


Sophisticated wall sconces are another simple yet effective and aesthetically appealing way of giving off a welcoming glow to the entryway!


Choice of lighting in the entrance will set the tone for the rest of the house, so letting it reflect your imagination and atmosphere you want to create is vital.

Functional Spaces: Task Lights


Task lights pretty much define themselves. As the name indicates, they are generally used while doing a specific task such as cooking, reading, sewing and writing.


Downlights placed above the kitchen benchtop are both functional and elegant – the endless selection of designs and styles available allows you to customise to your heart’s content. A kitchen primarily comprised of light colours and soft hues may call for a simplistic Oakton Pendant Light, whereas a vintage black industrial pendant light such as this one by Amonson Lighting may be the perfect addition to a rustic-style kitchen.


For bookworms who love lounging on their couch and reading, a dramatic floor lamp with a bright light is a perfect choice. Taking it one step further, we highly recommend a dimmable standing lamp, allowing you to change the mood of the room from bright to soft and calming once the reading session is over. The new trend of placing LED strips surrounding the head of the bed frame is a good option for people who enjoy reading in the comfort of their own bed!


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Bigger Rooms: Industrial Chandeliers & Pendants


Chandeliers are a classic representation of old Victorian style interior, and most definitely not the first thing you think of for illuminating an industrial-style home.


Despite chandeliers becoming increasingly trendy and chic in homes today due to modern ones replacing the traditional, these extravagant ornamental light fixtures will still look out of place in an interior comprised of neutral shades, brick, wood, stone, metal and industrial accessories. Remember, “not overdoing anything” is a core principle of industrial design – loud, ornate chandeliers completely go against this, no matter how hypnotisingly beautiful they may be.


Opting for an industrial chandelier (often constructed from steel and wood) instead will keep the interior design consistent while providing optimal lighting.


Installing a designer pendant light over a breakfast bar or a kitchen island is another type of lighting that’s bound to make your space look tasteful. For bedrooms or guest rooms, an arrangement of hanging mason jar lighting is a contemporary way to add an element of uniqueness without being over the top!


If you are inspired by typical NYC living with metropolitan intimacy, place a nice up-chair under the industrial pendant and embellish your walls with some classic black and white frames.

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Porch & Balcony: Fairy Lights


Some people love spending time on the balcony, catching a view of the city, watching the sunset or just sitting back and breathing in the fresh air. Fairy lights just add that magical touch to the already dreamy ambience. A nice coffee table, some potted plants, artistic cages and an elegant outdoor rug – that’s all a balcony needs to create a fairytale outdoor space for any modern abode.


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We hope we’ve enlightened you with the types of lights to use for industrial interior design, and how to leverage them in a way that epitomises modernity.


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