What you’ll need


measuring tape | leveller tool | hammer | hooks | pencil | sketch pad | right angle ruler (optional)




Start by choosing frames for your collection using already existing room finishes as your guide. You’ll need to take into consideration the size and width of the wall you’re working with, and the presence of any furniture that’s going to anchor the gallery. Note down frame and wall measurements.




With both wall and frame measurements on hand, sketch layout possibilities on paper to determine a look that works for you. It’s easier to start from the inside out, placing a large central artwork first, and scattering smaller, more flexible pieces around it.




Position your chosen layout on the ground adjacent to the wall it will be hanging on. Step back and reassess the display, ensuring you’ve carefully considered the balance of colours and shapes of both artworks and their frames.

Measure the group of frames from its highest to lowest spot to find its middle point. Place this middle point at eye level on the wall (approx. 1500mm – 1700mm high). Hang artwork into position.

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