Art is subjective. It is a reflection of the thoughts and interests of the artist. It is a personal testament by the artist and a communication to the viewer that can have a magical resonance to the heart. The artwork that speaks to your heart, making a connection to your own experiences, values and beliefs is the work you should select. It truly doesn’t matter whether or not the piece matches your couch; it only matters that it will enhance your well-being simply by existing in your space.

Trust your gut

Perhaps most importantly, a home should represent its owner, so one shouldn’t be too driven by trends. Something that you are truly attracted to is something that will ultimately stand the test of time.

Mix and match

Art doesn’t have to match your room, you can be eclectic. Traditional rooms can take modern art, and modern rooms can take older-style paintings. Often it is better to mix it up. Try adding other bits of eclectic art or accents to showcase your personality.

Try a gallery wall

Gallery walls are a great way of working with artworks of different sizes, colors, and styles. Plan it in advance, taking as much time as you need. In order to hang a gallery wall correctly, one must lay it out. It is a considered strategy that must always be carefully thought through.

Add accents to suit the artwork

Fallen in love with a piece that doesn’t match your interior? Try adding coloured accents to the room that suit the colours in the artwork. Throws and cushions are great for bedrooms and lounge rooms, and even small things like candles, planters or other accessories can work in kitchens, bathrooms or hallways. Pull colours from the artwork to tie things together.

Wrong size or shape?

 If the artwork you love is the wrong shape for the space, try filling the space in other ways. Perhaps pendant lights or a bookcase could visually take up some room, or the artwork could even be leaned on a sideboard rather than hung on the wall on its own.

Artworks detail: Wild Water (l.) and Red Sky II (r.) © Dieter Blum


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