with The Living Room’s James Treble.

The Bleach Forest Violet rug look creates a pastel haven when paired with neutral textures. Image courtesy of the Living Room.

If you missed The Living Room tonight, catch up on Tenplay to see designer and presenter James Treble share his expert tips on how to pick the perfect rug for your living room.

The talented stylist used furniture and decor from The Home to create three different looks that show the massive impact a great rug can have on your space.

According to James, the rug should be your starting point when putting a room together.

‘For colour inspiration, picking your rug first is a great way to build up a palette in a room,’ James advises.

‘Consider a navy and white arrow-head pattern on your rug, and then pick up the navy in your cushions, lamps or maybe for a feature or main wall colour.’

Roger that, James!

Don’t be afraid of matching prints! The Urban Scallops Pink rug when paired with other quirky patterns makes for a funky and inviting living room. Image courtesy of the Living Room.

Our own stylist, Emma Blomfield, agrees a great rug can liven up any old living room.
‘Let your rug do the talking. Each of James’s looks in The Living Room is slightly different to the other, but you can see the rugs stand out the most in each finished look,’ she says.

‘The rug is your opportunity to make a statement and inject some colour – think of it as art for your floors,’ she adds.

According to Emma, the most common mistake most people make is purchasing a rug that’s too small. ‘Measure your largest sofa and add 20-30cms either side of the sofa to figure out how wide your rug needs to be. From there you can arrange your furniture around the rug to suit the space. Ideally you want the front feet of your seated furniture on top of the rug,” she advises.

The Rainbow Rug is a striking and playful look for your living space and allows you to draw on so many different colours to make up your colour palette! Image courtesy of the Living Room.

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