We’ve fallen in love with Focal Point Home’s luxurious handmade fouta towels and chat to owners, Jane Tryon and Mourad Nafti, to discover more about the brand behind these lifestyle essentials.

Tell us about Focal Point Home. Why did you create the company and where did the inspiration come from?

Focal Point Home is a collaboration between husband and wife team, Jane Tryon and Mourad Nafti. Having both travelled widely through Syria, India, Jordan, Thailand, Turkey, and Morocco, we were drawn to handmade artefacts that mesmerised us in these various countries. This led to an interest and investigation into products designed and made in Mourad’s native Tunisia.

We discovered through our travels, handmade artisanal items in Tunisia are under threat from cheap knock-off designs. This spurred us to ensure the long term development and preservation of the beautiful and traditional arts we had come by.

Describe your stance on Ethical Trading. Why is this important to you?

By buying direct from Tunisian Artisans, we are supporting them and their skills. If there is no market for the products the artists must find other employment and cease their craft. Focal Point Home encourages the preservation of the traditional skills by finding new markets for these amazing handmade products which will have a significant effect by encouraging long term employment.

What’s the history behind the Fouta Towel and what makes them so appealing?

Foutas are made of lightweight cotton so they roll up tightly — perfect for tucking in a tote and taking with you. They don’t pick up sand at the beach such as a terry towelling towel does.

The flat weave design lends the fouta to be a great versatile design item. A lifestyle essential – it’s handy for young families, doubling as a stroller cover and blanket. Striped fouta are traditionally offered at Tunisian bathhouses or hammams. Sometimes referred to as French towels, hammam towels, or spa towels, they have a long history and their traditional woven construction remains the same to produce a luxury textile item.

In 2009 Mourad first introduced the fouta to the Australian market where they were quickly picked up by stylists and magazines. We believe the fouta is a perfect lifestyle item and will be as ubiquitous as a pair of thongs for Australians heading to the beach.

Pastels are a large part of your collection this season. How best should we utilise our pastel Fouta towels this Spring?

Colours in fashion are cyclical. The neons of last season were predominant. The new season pastels are a natural antithesis of the brights. People are still craving the positive hues of lemons and tangerines, but this season the tones are softer. A fouta towel will add this pop of colour to a beach going outfit. For a zesty addition to your interior, throw a lemon fouta over the table for casual dining, or rest on the back of chair for instant colour pop.

Fouta on Chair: Lisa Madigan
Fouta on table:
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