scandinavian style white room

Scandinavian furniture? Cheap? That doesn’t sound believable…


Now for the first time ever, Scandi decor doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. The best part is, adding some sleek mid-modern century style into your humble abode doesn’t mean you have to completely renovate each and every room. A range of Scandinavian furniture including chairs, lights, rugs and shelves can instantly transform your indoor environment and create something truly special – all under budget.


Since making its mark in the 1950s, Scandinavian interior design has captivated millions across the globe with its ability to create a minimalistic yet cosy ambience.


Yes, it’s true that Scandinavian furniture usually holds a heavy price tag – even saying the words “Scandinavian decor” makes you feel like your pockets just shrunk.


But that doesn’t mean you can’t create a Scandinavian haven on a budget!


We’re here to share our 5 core things that make up authentic Scandinavian interior design –  and how you can save big on your Scandinavian furniture with our top picks online.

1) Lighting is key

We can all agree that lighting is essential, but this is especially true in Scandinavian countries like Sweden, which had a miserable 6:05 hours of sunlight on December 21, 2014, in the City of Stockholm. Regions in Iceland, Finland and Norway have also recorded some jaw-droppingly low numbers.


Lighting can be maximised through leveraging natural light – translucent or sheer windows will do a significantly better job at inviting sunlight compared to treated windows.


But an option that’ll provide you with both plentiful light and aesthetic appeal, is artificial lighting.


Slim, sleek, and affordable floor lamps such as this one by Lexi Lighting stay true to what Scandi decor is all about – minimalism. Plus, the small portion of wood on the stem and top of the lamp head will complement other natural textures you might decide to add to your Scandi-space.


Arranging multiple lights around a room; whether it’s hanging lights or lamps, is a consistent theme across true Scandinavian interior design.

Tip: Opt for LED lights over traditional incandescent bulbs. This way your lighting fixture will give you a brighter and whiter light while saving you money on your energy bill – two birds, one stone!


White walls will also emphasise light that hits them, not only making a room look brighter, but more spacious too

2) It ain’t Scandi without a rug

Creating a warm and welcoming environment in a minimalist way – this is the heart of Scandinavian design.


One way this is achieved is by softening wood flooring with a rug. The walls, furniture, and accessories of a Scandi-inspired room are comprised of clean hues boasting a neutral-heavy colour palette – and rugs are no exception.

Rug Culture has thrown away the belief that all Scandinavian rugs are outrageously expensive. The brand’s collection features rectangular wool to felted rugs, hemp rugs to circular shag rugs and more – all at amazing prices.

3) Wholeheartedly embrace natural textures

The abundance of forestry, appreciation for nature and love for the outdoors in Nordic countries are reflected in Scandinavian decor. Light, untreated wood such as oak, ash, pine and beech are consistent with the “bright” theme noted above.


Stone is also a common theme, adding an element of boldness, texture and dimension. With each and every piece of stone having slightly different natural detailing, no two pieces of Scandinavian decor are the same. This contributes even more character to a room.


Affordable homeware brand “Feels Like Home” may just be your go-to for including some natural, blonde oak wood to your interior – whether it’s a barstool, set of draws or even an entire dining set.

We especially love the Scandinavian Round Side Table, which features solid oak legs and a stone-look printed veneer.

So now you can incorporate the texture of stone without the painfully preposterous price tag. And as an added bonus, it doesn’t weigh a tonne, making rearranging and moving a breeze!

4) Indoor Plants are a Must

beautiful houseplants pot

Scandinavians’ love for nature doesn’t stop at wood and stone. For inviting the outside-in and sprinkling a little vibrancy, indoor plants are quintessential!


The clean hues and soft interior colours will truly compliment the flowers, plants and other botanicals, enhancing their beauty and individual uniqueness.


You can increase the energy and liveliness of your surroundings without doing damage to your wallet, as indoor plants are generally inexpensive for how beautiful they are.


If you’re looking for a little more guidance, we’ve made a recommendation on the Top 5 Best Indoor Plants for Beginners.


To seamlessly connect the outdoor and indoor environments, there’s no replacement for indoor greenery.

5) Aim For Practical Minimalism

Scandinavian countries came to truly understand and appreciate minimalism due to several reasons:

  • Minimal sunlight called for minimalist interiors and shapes. This allowed homes to capitalise on the little daylight that shone through during the day
  • As homes were small and expensive during the 1950s and 60s, the concept of “less is more” resonated with Scandinavian people. Refraining from excess detailing and opting for multifunctional furnishings was the way to go.

We recommend the compact and practical Scandi furniture by Hello Deals for those who have a tight budget to work with. This Scandinavian Coffee Table also features two storage draws (with wooden handles) and an open shelf; a 2-in-1 piece of sleek and stylish furniture. Maximising storage space will also help you keep the room clutter-free, in line with the essence of minimalism.


Keeping decorations to a minimum also means less money spent!

It really is that simple to “Scandify” your home without busting the bank.

We wish you well on your journey of exploring the warm, simple, clutter-less world of Scandinavian decor!