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The outdoors can get dull and drab in the winter, but that doesn’t mean your home has to be. Using a variety of textures, you can bring your space to life with decor that uplifts moods and transforms rooms into cosy sanctuaries. Let your home decor radiate with boundless warmth this season!


Classic sheepskin never goes wrong

One of your go-to winter textures in the home should undoubtedly be sheepskin. Inherently expressing heat and comfort, sheepskin can add warmth to any space with ease; a core advantage being its subtlety. Sheepskin’s ability to convey the feeling of comfort (even without touching it) makes it a valuable addition to areas with hard timber floors or rigid furniture, providing a visually inviting and cosy vibe even when you’re not touching it. A wonderfully versatile piece of decor, sheepskin can act as a floor rug, a couch throw and more – such an adaptable item can uplift the mood in any room.

A luxe-look for less with faux fur

Moving with the fur theme, you can transform your rooms into a cosy refuge by using faux fur cushions, chair covers or blankets for the bed and couch. Neutral tones such as whites, silvery greys and charcoals maintain the feeling of elegance while gently complementing a winter palette. Fluffy items often express comfort but can additionally work to create an interesting focal point, especially when layered with other neutral items.


Homely vibes with woven textures

A product we love is the Scandi Artisan Wool Rug, and if you want to go even cheaper, you may consider cotton or acrylic. These materials – while less robust – are easier to clean yet still offer that homely feeling similar to what wool provides.

Restore the homely feeling of your living room with woven or knitted fabrics. Their heartiness and durability give you that added warmth in the colder months – the perfect insulation when the weather turns nasty.

Another woven texture you might like to use is macramé. This knotted string art can be the subtle addition your indoor spaces need, without having to purchase a costly rug or brand new couch. If you’ve got a soft spot for woven textures, try a macramé pouffe or wall adornment. These knots are so easy to make yourself they’ll inspire your next DIY project.


Spruce up spaces with a bit of volume

Add dimension and bring a sense of character to the room by creating a panelled or textured hallway. Directing attention to otherwise overlooked (and consequently bland) spaces can brighten them up and add to the overall homely feel of the space. Add volume with a French wash polish or timber panels, or experiment with stylish wallpaper if you’re feeling bold. Whatever you fancy, a wall feature can be the textured look your home is crying out for this winter.


A dash of velvet makes everything lavish

Achieve plushness with velvet in winter using soft textures and neutral colours to make living spaces your snuggly refuge when it’s frosty outdoors. A sublime armchair such as this Blush Single Seat Sofa additionally provides the pop of colour your bleak indoor spaces may require during the gloomier months. However, if you’re not willing to commit to an entire couch or armchair in velvet, a more minor addition may be a sleek, velvet cushion to complement the tones already established in your living spaces.

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Invite the light in

Liven up dark areas with a mirror – reflecting light can help brighten your home during the gloomy winter months. Placing a mirror above a mantle or fireplace to reflect the sunshine will make good use of lingering sunlight, especially when the days are shorter in winter. Rooms can appear more spacious with this technique as mirrors work to open up crowded and cramped living spaces.


Block the winter out, so you can snuggle in

Thermal insulated or blackout curtains and drapes can work to keep the chill out and the warmth in. Suede and damask drapes create a dense barrier against wintery air and add volume to the room; marrying style with practicality. Utilise floor-long drapes to fully keep the gloomy weather outdoors while embracing the warmth supplied by the cosy interior.


Playful textures for every room

To finish off the look in your hygge sanctuary, accessorise to complement the existing theme of the space. Other popular winter fabrics not previously mentioned include hemp, tweed, or linen which are all effective in creating a natural feel without inviting the bad weather indoors. A lampshade, table runner or simply a stylish ornament such as a basket or coaster provide easy ways to craftily add these textures to your living areas. If you’re looking to maintain a wintery palette, take advantage of charcoal, navy and other smoky colours. However, to avoid them becoming lost amongst the dark winter shades, add a burst of colour to deceive your eyes into snugness even when the wind’s howling outside. Navigate towards burnt oranges, mustard yellows or muted reds to match the warmth you’ll be feeling inside, tucked up beside the fireplace, wine in hand.


Implement any range of these textures indoors to harness trendy winter decor and make your home the cosiest, comfiest place to be this winter-time!