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The Revolutionary RoboVac

Dust Your Hands of Time Consuming Chores

Dust your hands of time consuming chores with The Revolutionary RoboVac, your new robotic housekeeper that vacuums your entire house at the touch of a button! The X550 LED RoboVac is an advanced, high powered vacuum robot that not only does the work for you, but pretty much thinks for itself, leaving you with hours of free time for relaxing and going out. It features 11 intelligent roaming sensors and anti-collision technology to avoid obstacles and stairs, making it safe for operating unsupervised, and comes with a remote control so you can command cleanliness from the couch. Edge sweeping, spot cleaning and sanitising every unreachable nook with its dual side brushes and powerful suction ensures a deep and thorough clean. And after 90 minutes, the X550 automatically returns to its port to recharge. Compatible with all floor types, the RoboVac the ultimate time saving cleaning solution.