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Rug Up This Winter

Earthy Floor Art For a Toasty Feel

Introducing a sophisticated heating system isnt the only way to remedy a chilly winter home. In fact, it can be as simple as adding one godsend item: a rug. Weve curated this overflowing collection of them, teeming with earthy, organic hues to radiate a toasty ambience throughout any drab space. In shades reminiscent of steaming drinks and decadent desserts - like coffee, caramel, mocha and cappuccino - youll find rugs of hand-tufted zig-zag, wool rugs, patchwork rugs, flatweaves and a plethora of other styles. Best of alla These stunning, palettes are natural and classic so you wont need to replace them anytime soon. Rug up this winter!

Check out our rug guide to find out all the need-to-know details for choosing and styling the perfect rug for your space.