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Clifton Umbrellas

Embrace the Rain with Chic & Classic Brollies

From a company with a rich history that reaches long into the past, comes a collection of quality umbrellas that celebrate the best of functionality and style. As a fourth generation family run business with over 80 years of experience, Clifton Umbrellas is the leading supplier in Australia boasting the widest range of classic and fashion umbrellas. Knowing the diverse and unpredictable weather conditions of Australia's climate, the collection has a chic brolly to keep you covered rain, hail or shine. Featuring fun, classic, feminine and unisex designs, plus advanced mechanisms used by Queen Elizabeth herself, you'll find a wet weather solution that will see you praying for the rains to come. So don't wait for the storm, arm yourself with a Clifton Umbrella and embrace the outdoors in style.