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Miss Molly

Enriching Linen Bedding and Sleepware

The art of sleeping beautifully is the Miss Molly ethos, and the brand continuously strives to create luxurious and natural bedding that takes you closer to nature, and a sensational and blissful sleep every night. As an Australian label that appreciates French luxury, Miss Molly has designed an eco-friendly range of French and Irish flax linen sheets that are smooth, cool and crisp to touch. Flax production is one of the most enduring and eco-friendly fibres, making this linen distinguishable from the rest with its thermal regulating capabilities that allows skin to breathe; keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter. And with lounge ware and cushions that possess the linen benefits, too, it's never been a better time to indulge your body and soul with linen luxury. Read more about Miss Molly in our magazine here.