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The DIY Design Book Store

Essential Resources for Inspired Interiors

Weve all seen it done countless times before - from the The Block to House Rules - the success of the novice interior designer proves that undertaking your own do-it-yourself renovation or decorating project is perfectly achievable. In the spirit of getting hands-on and unleashing your inner stylist, weve curated a huge range of gorgeous books packed full of inspiration, advice and essential guidance. Everything you could possibly need to know can be found in this collection, from the basic principles of interior design, to accessorising your home and table, to becoming a green-thinking garden guru. Explore the power of colour, discover international designers, peruse popular interior styles and inspect some of the most spectacular spaces from around the globe. Each glossy, picture-filled volume is a valuable resource, whether required for a practical endeavour, or for simply displaying on your coffee table.