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Autumnal Rugs

Fall into Comfort With Rugs in Rich Autumnal Tones

As summer fades away, the golden time of autumn dawns on us. Add a dash of sophistication to any room with these elegant rugs, carefully curated in autumnal colours to inspire decorators and homeowners alike to get ready for the cooler months ahead. A warm colour scheme comprised of rich nature-inspired autumn tones such as chocolate, rusty brown, red and ivory bring this collection to life. 100% pure wool, acrylic, heat set polypropylene and premium thick and thin polyester rugs come together as one ultra-stylish tribute to a new season of fabulousness underfoot. This captivating range is designed to complement any decorative style; whether you opt for the warm woody tones or earthy natural hues, theres something unique here for every decorator and budget. Visit The Home magazine to find out how to choose the perfect rug for you Read