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Discover Your Perfect Quilt

Feather, Wool, Duck, Cotton, Silk & Microlush

When it comes to sleep, everyone is different. Whether you're likely to be more affected by the hot or cold, dust and allergens or are looking to update your bedding to suit the season, this all-quilt collection has you spoilt for choice. If you overheat easily or require a light summer layer, pick up a pure cotton quilt. For natural insulation and warmth, try an all-season wool quilt. Like it light, warm and lofty as a cloud? Duck feather and down is for you! Sensitive sleepers will rest easy with a plush microfibre quilt, with versatility for all season use. And if you favour the finer things in life, a cotton quilt blended with lavish silk will bring a hint of decadence to the bedroom. Uncover the perfect quilt for you!