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The Complete Lounge Suite

Introducing the Chloe Collection by Brosa

Recline into the luxury of a chaise longue. Kick back in a plush accent chair. Rest your feet atop a plump ottoman. Snuggle up to your beau within the intimate confines of a cosy love seat. Spend a long evening laughing and relaxing around the dinner table with family and friends.

Featuring every seating shape and style in the same coordinating - and endlessly chic - design, we're excited to introduce the complete Chloe Collection. Each dining chair, sofa, accent chair, chaise and foot stool radiates subtle, well-considered details, while channelling a distinct look that recalls iconic mid-century diner seating. A marriage of designer looks, everyday durability and incredible value-for-money, the Chloe Collection is impossible to resist.