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MATREX™ Glass Vacuum Cleaner

For Spotless Windows, Tiles, Counters & more

Glass cleaning just became a whole lot easier with the MATREX(TM) Glass Vacuum Cleaner. Gone are the days of hours spent spot-cleaning imperfections and watermarks on shiny glass and tiled surfaces, not to mention the puddly aftermath - this smart appliance is so keen for an efficient clean, it even sucks up the dirty water as it goes! Its compact, light and can be used from every angle, perfect for reaching awkward nooks and crannies in the car, the bathroom, the kitchen and more. Itll even make short work of spilled drinks. Tackling the toughest marks and most stubborn dirt, the MATREX(TM) job isnt done until your surfaces are spotless, streak-free and sparkling clean.