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Inspired Gift Ideas

From MONDO, Essey & Atmosphere

You know that friend who has it all? Or those style-savvy folk who are always abreast of the most innovative gadgets and cutting edge designs? This collection from MONDO, Essey and Atmosphere is for them. These revered designers each bring a unique aesthetic that will fascinate and impress even the most discerning giftee. MONDO is more than just a gadgets brand. Japanese designer Kazushige Miyake is enamoured with ultramodern desk accessories that are as handsome as they are functional. Also fusing form and function, Essey utterly embodies Symbolic Functionalism - where tissue boxes, bins and ghostly tables become visual metaphors akin to a piece of art. And the aptly named Atmosphere, with its team of skilled cartologists, gives the classic globe a new - and rather intriguing - spin.