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Artist Lane Presents Abstracts

By Amira Rahim & Georgina Vinsun

From the brush strokes of two talented artists comes this collection of stretched canvases, specially curated to dazzle your artistic eye. Amira Rahim's work is the epitome of abstract art. Meticulous in her untrammelled use of colour and pattern, her artwork pulls, pushes, pulses and speaks fluently to all the senses - everything you need in a striking, eye catching art piece. Georgina Vinsun paints bright, colourful abstract and impressionist paintings primarily inspired by the natural world and the elements. Georginas work captures the essence of nature and the world around her through the medium of paint. Brought to you by Artist Lane, this collection showcases ready-to-hang authorised reproductions of Amira and Georginas most mesmerising work.