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Grand Cru

Wine Fridges with Designer Flair

Think chic, sophisticated and convenient, and you'll arrive at the collection of wine fridges by Grand Cru. Created for both domestic and commercial use, this range boasts a number of sizes to suit your wine storage needs, including fridges that hold 40, 94, 166 and 220 standard 750ml bourdeaux bottles. Each piece showcases an array of advanced technologies to ensure that your favourite drops are well-cellared. Vibration free compressors, single and dual temperature zones, slide-out and fixed shelving, and security systems are just the beginning. The fridges also offer touch pad controls with LED display, stylish white LED interior lighting and sleek stainless steel frames for you to display and store your vino with designer flair. But it doesn't end there, every keen wine connoisseur should check out our range of heirloom-worthy glassware here – the perfect vessels and accompaniments for optimally stored wine, as well as our guide how to make the most of your wine with the right glass here.