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Exclusive Handmade Vintage Moroccan Rugs

We're excited to share this timeless collection of hand-picked Moroccan rugs with you this week! Brisbane company, Hamimi, has carefully curated the exclusive range of one-off authentic vintage rugs from various regions of Morocco to infuse your decor with exotic allure and inviting warmth. The texturally tantalising handmade weaves draw on colour, and the detail of one of the greatest artistic traditions in Morocco, to bring to life the visual language of a country whose beauty is shared in everything they make. The undeniable allure of mesmerising Moroccan rugs have caught the eye of influential modernist architects and designers such as Frank Lloyd Wright, Alvar Aalto and Ray and Charles Eames since the mid 20th century. And now you too can revel in the exotic charm and timeless appeal of these exclusive flooring additions.