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Towra by Ecoya

Heaven scent luminaries

Ecoya was cultivated on the shores of Botany Bay – the very same shores where in 1770, Joseph Banks categorised the hundreds of rich botanicals of the area. It was because of Banks' perseverance that the first landfall in Australia was aptly named Botany Bay. And today, from Ecoya’s home in Mangrove Lane, the designers craft products to send from here to all over the world. Mangrove Lane famously produces so many natural waxed and botanical and sustainable materials. These are the key ingredients found in the Towra range by Ecoya, bringing you a range of candles, reed diffusers, soaps and more. These designs are crafted in such a way to satisfy the eco-conscience, too. Its rich botanical blends are always used from the most sustainable of sources, and Ecoya cannot imagine designing its products any other way.