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Heavenly Soft

Baksana towels are clean, crisp, simple and elegant, providing the utmost comfort and functionality. Specially developed in New Zealand, Baksana’s ranges are inspired by a mix of European elegance and Australasian colours. Manufactured exclusively in Turkey at large mills, all of Baksana’s textiles are guaranteed to be derived from organic, environmentally friendly materials. Making luxurious homewares since 1987, Baksana is the authority on luxury at home. This contemporary range of bath linen offers bath towels, bath sheets, hand towels and face washers all in a unique cotton-bamboo blend that is not only more absorbent than other towels but is also soft on sensitive skin. Coveted for its heavenly soft, eco-friendly products, the brand has rightfully earned itself a place on the most wanted lists of home makers all around the world.